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The Diary of Amba Riley..

She's not the Messiah..she's a very naughty girl..

24 May 1984
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I r Laura. I love things far too hard.

I have a little boy called Felix who was born in September 2006 and who is the single most important thing in my whole life. I spend far too much time reading the BBC News website and Facebook and my equivalent to some people's must-have-coffee-&-cigarette-before-I-can-function in the morning is reading Questionable Content. I am a computer geek and don't mind admitting it. I can speak German, French, Latin and English. I know a lot of random things off by heart. I am an extraordinarily good cook and specialise in making complicated, twiddly dishes from recipes most other people can't fathom or from the wealth of culinary knowledge that is my brain. My preferred way to spend my weekend is with Felix.